London: Women in the UK are increasingly becoming the 'key decision-makers', taking charge of traditional male household decisions such as choosing the family car, which pension provider or utility firms to choose and where to go on holiday, according to a study.

The study by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has found women also have to contend with modern husbands, who are much more likely to fritter money away rather than save it.

Women are typically the 'alpha' partner in a relationship and are the ones who instigate financial decisions and carry out the research, the Telegraph reports.

Men, meanwhile, tend to be the 'beta' partners. Although they provide some input into financial decision-making they take "relatively low level of responsibility" compared to the alpha females, the study noted.

According to the study, beta partners are also more inclined to spend money than save it, are "usually short-termist" in their financial thinking, and - compared with their alpha partners - are "relatively relaxed" about the household finances.

The findings were unveiled in research commissioned by the DWP to "explore and better understand" the way that couples make financial decisions. The research was also carried out to improve understanding of attitudes towards retirement planning, the paper said.

The research found that as couples spend time together their behavioral patterns become the "established norms" in a relationship and the beta comes to rely on alpha, it added.


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