London: A study conducted by Benenden Healthcare Society has indicated that women pull more sickies than men.

The average man fails to make it to the office for a total of 140 days during their career, while women phone in sick 189 times. However, the same study has found that men were less likely to go to work as soon as they start to suffer from minor illnesses.

The study found that women are more likely to "try their hardest to make it to their desk" and "feel guilty" if they succumb to illness.

Stomach bugs, dizziness and viruses are the most common ailments, which strike down the British workforce - who take an average of three sick days a year.

"The age-old debate between the sexes continues as our research shows a difference between them when it comes to taking sick leave," daily quoted Lawrence Christensen, from the mutual healthcare organisation, as saying.

"While men are less likely to shake off the man flu and go to work, women do end up taking more sick days across their careers.”

"They might succumb to illness more easily, but women come out on top when it comes to dedication to work. Many men will pick up the phone as soon as they feel a little under the weather, whilst women soldier on for longer.”

"However, in all cases, there seems to be a great pressure to battle on and make it into work," Christensen added.