London: Women never change, it seems. The average woman packs nearly twice as many clothes as she needs for a holiday, a new study has found.

The study, based on a survey in Britain, found that women need 34 items for a week-long break, but take 60 "just in case". It means almost half of the contents of their bags remain unworn.

Some 58 percent of the 2,000 women quizzed said they found it difficult to stick to luggage weight limits, with one in five facing extra baggage costs at the airport.

The average woman takes 19 tops, but will wear only 10, and comes home with half her 16 pairs of trousers, shorts or leggings unworn. But that's not enough for some -- 42 percent also go clothes shopping when on holiday.

Jeremy Cryer, head of a travel company was quoted by a daily paper as saying, "Women like to prepare for every eventuality, which means packing for all weathers, day trips, evenings out, sports and activities."