London: Women are women. They put looking good before their relationship, a survey has revealed.
According to the survey, women think more about how they look than they do about men; they even think more about food than they do about sex, and put much more effort into dieting and their looks than their relationship.
Men are almost the last thing on the minds of many women who feel straying from their strict diet is far worse than being unfaithful to a partner, the poll in Britain revealed.
One in four women dieters admits dieting is more important to her than her relationship and says she put more effort into attempts to lose weight than she did into her relationship with her husband or boyfriend.
More than a third -- 37 per cent -- say they think about food and dieting more than about their partner, and more than half -- 54 per cent -- confess they think more about food than sex, daily reported.
One in 10 insists they would feel greater pangs of guilt if they strayed from their diet than if they were unfaithful to their man, according to the survey by diet experts Atkins.
Almost a third of women dieters -- 29 per cent – say that, given the choice, they would rather break a promise to their lover than break their diet.
Atkins chief nutritionist Linda O'Byrne said, "The key to sensible dieting is to let it become a part of your everyday lifestyle and not something you are constantly thinking about.

Dieting should never become an obsession.
"This is not healthy as it can be counter-productive. The last thing anybody wants is for their diet to have any kind of negative impact on their life. A sensible diet is designed to have the very opposite effect."