Mincing no words, Lekhi says that mess of 60 years cannot be removed in 60 days but assures the people of national capital that MPs of the Bharatiya Janata Party would be working indefatigably in order to bring “Achchhe Din” for all and sundry.

Being the lone female MP from the national capital, Lekhi shoulders her responsibility of addressing the serious issues of women safety. She personally meets nearly 100 people from her constituency and tries to solve their problems. In a freewheeling interview with Jagran Post, Lekhi was candid in dealing with a volley of questions encompassing local to national concerns.

Why the BJP is not going ahead for elections in Delhi? Is there any fear of losing the polls as Congress has made a clean sweep in Uttarakhand by-polls?

“We were the first party to announce that we are ready for fresh elections and one needs to see through the ‘nautanki drama’ which is going on because they (Congress and AAP MLAs) have been taking salaries and if they want elections so desperately then why did they not resign from their posts after which there would have been elections within a few days. They went for national elections, waited out, filed a petition in High Court and when we told them very categorically that BJP will not do any cut paste job for forming government; they again started the nautanki of election because it was evidently decided by the BJP in the first place.”
Modi has always talked about common man and has emphasized that he doesn’t want to complain about past. Then why the party in Delhi is saying that onus of forming government is not on BJP. Why they are not approaching LG to hold elections. What is BJP waiting for?

“We are not approaching anyone but LG needs to take a call in whatever is the time frame, so let him do that and we are fine with whatever he decides. We are giving the good governance and that is what we are working on. The kind of work which has been done by us so far is amazing and never happened before. It doesn’t mean that if there is no election then there is no good governance.”

Congress has often accused the NDA government of following its policies. The accusations get backing by the fact that even the MPLAD scheme was introduced by PV Narshima Rao. What you have to say on that?

“This particular remark made by the Congress is virtually saying that I know what is good for the country but I shall not work on it. It shows that they knew things which were good on paper but never acted on it. Now, this has been debunked by the people for not acting and the party is admitting policy paralysis. They fooled people by announcing 99 railway tracks but only two lines have been laid and the rest projects have been taken off. I think the cream of any project lies in implementing. Talking about adopting a village, the scheme was launched in early 90s and the BJP came to power for few years but the Congress couldn’t adopt a single village in so many years. I am adopting a village today, so it’s not about knowing but it’s about implementing and they done nothing for the country. Now the question is if you are saying that this is my scheme then were you sleeping? Its shows that you are admitting you were sleeping, and admitting your non-performance and inefficiency.”

Why will Congress MPs spend the funds according to Modi ji? Has anything being discussed with the Congress MPs in this regards?

“Let them spend or not, we are 283 right now and going to spend the funds. Others are free to spend or not to spend and I remember previous MP from my constituency has not used his fund. So I have got that money and will spend and apply my mind while doing so. Why only MPLAD fund, I will also get other corporates to spend money that in any case has to spend from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) budget.”

MPLAD scheme has always been in controversy over alleged corruption. How will the government ensure its proper implementation?

“Every single pie you are going to spent in this government will be monitored and to the extent that kind of projects MPs are picking is being directly monitored by Shah and it has been specifically said that all MPs will have to discuss and take assent from the gentleman’s office. So there is a monitoring system within the party and we are really working in tandem.”

MPLAD fund is Rs 5 crore at present. Is there a need to increase the amount or the government is already discussing something on it?

“I feel if there are certain projects for which I need more than Rs five crore I can always approach the government to bring in that project in my constituency. I can always speak to corporates to have their initiatives in my constituency. It will all depend on the activity of the MP that how active or inactive he or she is.”

You are the lone female MP from Delhi. Women security in the national capital has been an issue of grave concern. What steps you will take as an MP to bring changes?

“Many steps have been taken and we are about to launch a programme on women security very soon. I don’t want to make any prelaunch declaration except that you will feel a change.
One measure has already being taken by the Home Ministry and that is the installation of CCTV cameras across Delhi. You cannot imagine the kind of feeling of security the cameras can bring. Some people may violate it in the beginning because they may not be aware about that there is a camera which is taking pictures and once the guy is trapped things will change because it will send a strong message.

I have worked closely worked with a security app ‘raksha’ for women. It is available on Google play store and one of the top ranking apps. I am planning to connect it with the Delhi police and have spoken to Police Commissioner couple of times, but they have some issues with false calling and we are trying to find a solution for this.”

E-rickshaws are one another issue of great concern for Delhi. Despite court order, they are plying on road. What is your stand on this issue?

“On one side we are talking about decongesting Delhi roads, making last mile connectivity, making Delhi pollution free then how will you achieve these things without e-rickshaw? So you need it. You cannot ban e-rickshaw because lots of people are earning their bread and butter through this. You may have a mechanism to know the number, areas in which e-rickshaws can ply and also that number needs to be maintained. So you can regularize it but can’t ban it. You can’t imagine a green and clean Delhi without e-rickshaw. By the next parliament session we will see amendments in Motor Vehicles Act for e-rickshaw according to high court guidelines.”

Municipal Corporation is under BJP for so many years. After BJP came to power at Centre, how things are going to be changed?

“We are already working with the Urban Development Ministry and I am virtually doing the job of 40 councilors and 10 MLAs. The ministry is directly coordinating with PWD and Jal Board and all the three corporations.”

How BJP is planning to work on ground to make common people realize that ‘Achchhe Din’ has come?

“People are watching with naked eyes how works are being done and the pace with which we are working and the number of hours which we are putting is showing results. In 60 days the mess of 60 years cannot be removed and we are working 24X7 to clear that mess. I have already launched a constituency connect app to help people get associate with me. I am in the government so I don’t want to do anything at the cost of cutting interaction with people of my constituency. Once the people have given you mandate, the work should do the talking.”

Amit Shah’s new team has many new faces. What was the strategy behind it and did Modi guide him?

“It was not just Modi but there were whole lot of people behind the new team formation. Many people from the old team have become ministers and some of them are contesting elections in various poll bound states with different kind of responsibilities. Keeping all those requirements of the party in mind, the new team had to be formed and few things were noticed about certain people. So these are the reasons behind forming the team with fresh faces.”

Raghwendra Shukla/JPN

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