"It is important that one's view point changes. Girls should be allowed to wear what they want to. Her honour is not related to their clothes. The respect for them (girls and women) should not depend on the length of their clothes," the 38-year-old actress told reporters at the 'Youth For Unity' event here last evening.
"It is important for girls to stand on their own feet like boys. There should be no distinction between girls and boys. Even our world is moving to equal space," the 'Parineeta' star said.
In case of eve-teasing, the National-award winning actress feels girls should act fearlessly. "I think eve-teasing happens everywhere, at some places the incidents are more and some there are less. I have not experienced it after college. Girls have to be strong either (to) beat them up or abuse or yell," she added. At the same time, Vidya feels proud for the achievements of women in every field.
"When I go for any event and I see more women I feel good that they are in the fore front. Today girls are everywhere and in every field," the "Dirty Picture" actress added.