Speaking at the Women in the World Summit in London, Kangana said she encountered obstacles everywhere - be it her family or Bollywood. Kangana said she would get a lot of bashing for it but admitted "Bollywood films do objectify women, not all of them but some of them do."
When asked what should be done for Bollywood to take actresses seriously, Kangana said women should not seek that approval.
"I don't thing we need anyone's approval for what we do... It's a lot more important for women to accept themselves as opposed to others' approval of them. Others' opinion will always shift, their perspective will change.”
"When I started out, they dismissed me like a nobody but today I am who I am because my understanding of myself never changed. As women we shouldn't hope to get our due. We need to get up and get it ourselves."
The actress said in India girl child is treated as a  "liability" and when she saw her father expecting more fromher brothers, she wanted to be that person and rebelled.
Landing in Bollywood without any support and making it big here was not a fairytale journey for the actress. "It was quite harsh. I couldn't speak a word of English. In England, people might be understanding of that, but in Bombay if you don't speak English, people would ask 'How does she expect to work in Hindi films?'"


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