The study showed women will spend an average of 9,525.91 pounds buying make-up and 8,523.97 pounds on removal products.
Women spend most on moisturisers, closely followed by foundation but face wipes are the most commonly brought item, with women buying, on average, five packs a year.
According to the Superdrug poll of 2,000 women, the annual bill amounts up to a hefty 279.41 pounds, meaning the average woman in UK will spend 18,049.89 pounds over a typical adult lifetime of 64.6 years, from the ages of 18 to 82.6, a daily reported.
"18,000 pounds sounds like a lot of money, but actually over the course of almost 65 years we're sure most women will agree that this is money well spent," said Sarah Sharp, Superdrug's head of cosmetics, fragrance and accessories.
"This isn't about spending hundreds of pounds on designer creams, it's the day to day products that we all use to avoid bad skin, spots, blemishes and dark circles beneath your eyes," Sharp said.
In fact, the lifetime figure would be higher if women bought branded goods. Instead, 73 percent of the respondents said they opted for retailers' own brand products above more expensive designer brands.


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