A survey has revealed that women add more than a third to the initial cost of their holidays by spending on a new wardrobe.

According to the poll, the average female holidaymaker spends a whopping 245 pounds on clothing, accessories and toiletries for their breaks abroad, reported a newspaper.
The poll was based on responses from 1,927 women aged 18 and above, all of whom had been on holiday abroad in the past 12 months.

The participants admitted that on average they spent 245 pounds on their holiday attire, which included four pieces of swimwear, six summer dresses and five tops or vests, three pairs of sandals or shoes, two pairs of shorts, three pieces of jewellery, sunglasses, a beach bag, sun lotion and three pieces of make-up.

When the contestants were asked as to why they bought new items instead of using what they already had for holiday wear, 21 percent said that it was so that they did not look the same in their holiday photos as they did on previous trips.

As many as 33 percent claimed they purchased new stuff every time they had gone away.

The co-founder of www.sunshine.co.uk, Chris Clarkson, who conducted the research, said that it's easy to forget about other costs involved in going on holiday on top of the flight and accommodation spend.

Clarkson asserted that more often than not, people only budget for their flight, accommodation and spending money but small costs for things such as holiday clothes and sun protection can add up.

Clarkson advised people to really take a look at the clothes and accessories they already have, because there's no need to buy new items each time they travel.