One in 10 young girls was found to be storing at least 150 selfies on her computer and smartphones, taken from bathrooms or cars to their office desks.

According to a survey, out of the 2,000 women (age 16-25), 28 percent admitted to taking a photo of themselves at least once a week. Over half of the women agreed that taking an attractive selfie boosts their mood when they feel down over their looks.

Nearly 22 percent young women cited getting "likes" to boost their ego as the main reason for taking selfies. The survey by British website showed a significant trend among the younger generation who is suffering from "selfie-esteem".

"The act of taking a selfie has become a huge phenomenon. Scrolling through an Instagram feed full of selfies provides a ready-made mood board of new make-up tips, hair ideas and fitness inspiration," Newby Hands, who was part of the survey was quoted as saying.

About 27 percent of younger women confessed they actually delete selfies within minutes if they haven't gained enough 'likes' on social media.


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