A new survey suggests that 31 is the magic age when a woman starts adapting their mother's attitudes and habits.

More than half of the 1,000 women surveyed by British online gambling firm Dotty Bingo said that their mothers were the most inspirational women in their lives, according toad a daily.

Around 24 percent said that they enjoyed the same television shows as their mom, while 16 percent took up the same hobbies . In addition, 15 percent said that they started using the same expressions, and nine percent said that they were attracted to the same type of men.

The poll found most women turn into their mothers between the ages of 30-35, selected by 52 percent women in the study, according to the report. Within this group, 31 was the most popular age for the change, selected by 27 percent.

While only five percent of those polled said that they became more like their mothers in their 20s, 26 percent of the women surveyed said that they turned into their mothers at age 35-40.

Meanwhile, 10 percent said that they became like their moms between 40-50 years old.