London: Have a sufficient wardrobe, think again! A new survey has revealed that today’s modern women seem to be in a frenzy for clothes as they are buying four times as much dresses as they did 30 years ago, thanks to the growth of fast fashion.

But they are also binning a similar amount of garments each year, the survey in Britain found.

The buying frenzy has been fuelled by 10 years of falling clothes prices. This has only halted recently with a rise in the cost of raw cotton, it found.

In fact, the average woman spends 133,640 pounds in a lifetime on clothes and has 22 items she has never worn, the poll found.

Lucy Siegle, a consumer expert on a TV channel, who carried out the survey, says British women are buying more items but spending less on individual garments.

"We are consuming at such a rapid rate and throwing so much out you end up with a wardrobe that is devoid of style, elegance and wearability," she was quoted by a news daily.