London: A bizarre study says if you are looking for a faithful GF, check the size of her chin. We find out if it takes more than your chin to stray.

Now, all it takes is one look at your girl to figure if she'll stay faithful to you, or desire multiple partners. New research published in the Personality and Individual Differences Journal says that women with strong jawlines and large chins are more likely to stray.

It bases the argument on the theory that a large chin is often the product of a high level of the testosterone, the male growth hormone. This could make a woman act like a man, increasing her sexual assertiveness, and leading her to stray.

Does this mean women with tiny chins don't stray, or that lovers and husbands of women with big chins are faithful? To stray or not is nothing but a choice. People also choose how long and far they wish to go in an affair. The reason for straying could be just about anything, but the decision to do it is an outcome of free will.

Believe it or not: Mole indicates desire for multiple partners, says face reader

If a woman has a mole at the centre of her lower eye lid, high up on her left temple or on the right side of the face, partially hidden in her hair, it indicates high indulgence in sexual activities and a desire for multiple partners.

Why women stray

More often than not, a woman crushes her urge to stray. But a woman scorned doesn't always see sense.

And sometimes, on impulse, aims to counter a bad relationship by indulging with another man.

She also sees red when a spouse or a partner treats her like an object, not showering her with the TLC she deserves. That's where the emotional bond breaks, and she could feel attracted to someone who makes her feel beautiful and showers her with attention. There are some women who are attracted to power, confidence and money.

Hence, if they are in a relationship with an uncharismatic, shy partner struggling to stay afloat, they are likely to be attracted to someone stronger, more confident, powerful and loaded. If a woman has an unhealthy self image and low self esteem, she may try to find solace in multiple relationships. This makes her feel desired, beautiful, leaving her feeling powerful.

Pointless getting nasty with one who broke your heart

>>It's obvious that your emotions will range from anger, shock, to a deep sense of betrayal. Acknowledge your feelings without taking immediate and rash decisions.

>>Don't try to hurt your lover. Avoid nasty confrontations or shifting the blame.

>>Talk to her after you have analysed your own feelings and accepted responsibility for your part, in what has happened. Now, you can have a level-headed discussion with her.

Listen to what she has to say, and then take your time to decide what you want to do: Do you want to opt out of the relationship because you won't be able to get over the episode, or do you love her enough to forgive and forget.

If you are caught cheating, a man won't forgive you easily

In most cases, women are more likely to forgive a cheating lover, rather than the other way around. The reason for this lies in the biological role the woman is meant to play. She has to take into account her survival, financial security, her kids before she decides to walk out.


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