Rai Bareli: With the Assembly elections in five states over, Congress president Sonia Gandhi visited her constituency Rai Bareli on Wednesday and was impressed by the enthusiasm of the women here.

Though she restrained herself from making any political statement despite political temperature in the state soaring, Sonia said she was appalled by the condition of women in Uttar Pradesh.

Announcing that the UPA government would launch women oriented programmes across the country; Sonia said the wage of Aganwadi workers was hiked taking the interest of women in mind.

Addressing a crowd of young girls, women and Aganwadi workers at the ITI stadium, the UPA chairperson said, “If women who constitute half of our population are not self-sufficient, then social development will not be possible. This is an honest attempt by the UPA government through its plans to make all the women self sufficient and to make them capable of taking decisions in the household activities.”

“Now slowly everyone is realising that if women are given a chance then they can prove themselves. Even in adverse situation she would be able to reach her destination,” Sonia said while speaking about the changing role of women.

Lamenting on the present situation of women in society, she said, “The present conditions are not yet in favour of women. The lower sex ratio exhibits that women are still in the bad condition and so women should not be discriminated.”

“UPA government has given the right of free education to children. And there are many plans ahead for empowerment of women. The schemes will make the teen age girls self-reliant. The responsibility of taking forward this plan would be given to the Anganwadi workers,” she added.

Applauding the contribution made by girls, she rewarded some of them for their good work.

Sonia Gandhi after addressing the meet at the ITI stadium inspected the under-construction rail coach factory. The villagers complained to her about the manipulation being done by the contractors at the project site.

(JPN/ Bureau)