London: Though women have smaller brains than men, they are more efficient, a new study has revealed. This may explain why women can show just as much intelligence as men, although their brains are eight per cent smaller.

Researchers from universities in Los Angeles and Madrid carried out a series of intelligence tests on men and women. They found that despite the fact that women had smaller brains they performed better in inductive reasoning, some numerical skills and were better at keeping track of a changing situation, media reported.

However, men were found better on spatial intelligence. Women's brains are able to complete and even excel at complicated tasks with less energy and fewer neurons, the researchers said. The results show size does not matter for women, said Trevor Robbins, professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at Cambridge University.

"The smaller size could represent more intense packing of nerve cells or more active signalling between them. Meaning they are operating more efficiently," media quoted him as telling the Sunday Times.
The study has been published in the journal Intelligence.


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