New Delhi: March 8 being ‘International Women’s Day’ is endorsed every year to celebrate the womanhood and pay tribute to a never-die spirit of women across the globe. Does it make the women of city to cheer about?
If the rising graph of violence against the women is any indication, the answer is likely to be a big NO.

In what appears to be falsetto celebration to celebrate the 'woman power'-- the fact remains that even as a single day is meant to endorse upon the celebration, while the remaining 364 days are left to celebrate the 'W'oe-men's day.

Although, a lot has been written on 'Aaj Ki Shakti' or women empowerment, yet there is an ugly side of a section of the society. And the brutal gang rape of the 23-year-old paramedical student in Delhi and the controversies that followed has been the biggest example on how we are yet to change the mindset towards woman.

“The growing crime cases against women have made us feel insecure. I never feel safe to step out of my house after sunset,” says Renu, who is a teacher.

Despite many bills passed in the Parliament with regard to the safety of women and their rights, women of the city are forced to live a pitiful life after they being falling prey to the domestic violence either by their spouse or by their in-laws.

The growing number of dowry death and rape cases in the city clearly serves the message that females are unsafe not only on streets but in their homes as well. They are subjected to harassment at schools, college and at work place.  Self-defense training may be an answer for the safety of women.

Despite the city boasting about ending gender bias, the unwanted daughters are being abandoned to beget sons, baby girls are allowed to be murdered in wombs, gender issues is still one of the different facets of cruelty looming large over the 'Dad's Doll'.

The fact of matter is that event today woman is striving hard for her equality with her male counterparts. Sounds strange! However holds true in a society, where the celebrations are nothing more than tokenism to encash sentiments of people.

It’s time to bring change until it’s too late. Lets us pledge to ourselves to respect our mothers, sisters and daughters and every woman around us to bring about a change in the society.

Anita Raj/JPN

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