London: At least four in 10 women in Britain are constantly on a diet -- but one in six never loses any weight, a new research has found.
Researchers found the average female goes on three diets a year, each lasting 18 days or nine-and-a-half years of their life. But while half shed more than seven pounds each time, millions shift nothing.
One in 10 stays on a diet for less than five days and three-quarters admit they find it hard to diet and only 10 percent kept the weight off after dieting, according to the study based on a survey.
One in 10 women think about food at least 10 times a day and 40 percent step on scales daily, website reported.
Psychologist Helen Golstein, for diet firm Lighter Life, said, "Our research showed that four in 10 women yo-yo diet rather than taking a long-term approach to healthy eating.
"Losing weight can be a real challenge but deciding to strive for it can be life-changing with physical and emotional benefits. If you plan to lose weight then choose a diet that is safe, simple and sustainable and that is right for you."
Being dumped, holidays and too-tight clothes were among triggers for dieting, the findings revealed.