Addressing a rally in this town of poll-bound Rajasthan, Gandhi listed the various initiatives of the UPA government including Food Security Bill, Land Acquisition Bill and MNREGA for empowerment of the economically weaker sections.
"People come and make tall claims," he said in an apparent reference to BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Modi, who addressed a rally in the state on September 10.
"We do not believe in making tall claims. But we deliver. We want your children should see big dreams. If we do not allow you to dream, then this nation cannot move forward," he said.
He hit out the opposition for resisting the passage of Food Security Bill in the Parliament and MNREGA on the plea that there would be constraint of funds and accused them of working only for the elite.

"When it comes to schemes for the poor, they ask where the money will come from. But, when mines are to be allotted and land is acquired then nobody raises questions. This is the difference between them and the Congress party," he said.
"Our politics is the politics of your dreams," he said claiming that the Congress party stood only for the poor and will continue to do so.
"They want only 500-odd people should dream, travel in airplanes, move in cars. This is their thought. This is not our politics."
Referring to the old Congress slogan, "aadhi roti khayenge, Congress ko layege (will eat half chappati but ensure victory for Congress", he said after the Food Security Bill, the party has coined a new slogan - "Pet bhar ke roti khayenge, Congress ko jitayenge (We will have a full meal ").
Empathizing with the poor farmers, Gandhi said disease and sickness are the biggest cause of poverty as people have to frequently spend money on medicines.
"In Rajasthan, medicines are provided free of cost by the government. Not just here, this will be brought across the country," he said, with reference to UPA's plan for ushering in universal health coverage for all.
Attempting to woo the youth, Gandhi said India is a country of the youth - a majority of whom were poor. "They have a lot of dreams. If government does not hold their hand and provide them employment and food opportunities, then we will not be able to move forward," he said.
Claiming that the dreams of the poorest of the poor are being fulfilled in the 21st century, he said, "We will do this for you... the dreams of the poor will be fulfilled".
He claimed that the state government has done a lot to provide water not just for irrigation but also for drinking. "Earlier, there used to be only one crop. Now there will be two or three crops," he said.
Talking about Land Acquisition Bill, he said, "We have changed this law so that a farmer's child should be able to see big dreams", adding that Congress stood for such politics and policies.
Gandhi also touted the empowerment of village folk through the Panchayati Raj Act brought by the Congress. "We have given Panchayati Raj system. It is you who should decide your future. You can lead the nation," he said.
The Congress leader said the rich could easily acquire poor people's land but now Congress has changed this with the new Land Acquisition Bill.


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