A big advantage of wearing woollen pyjamas is that people fall asleep quicker, she said. Shin's research is being presented today in Brisbane.
According to a previous study among Australian university students, it was found that about a third prefer cotton, a third sleep in synthetic material and a third sleep nude.

The researchers said woollen pyjamas have better insulation and absorption qualities than cotton.
Chin's study, presented at Sleep DownUnder conference, showed people in light-weight, long-sleeved woolen PJs fall asleep quicker than those in cotton and stay asleep longer.

An ambient temperature of 17 degrees Celsius is better than 22 degrees C for a longer, deeper sleep but temperature has no affect on how quickly people fall asleep, it was said, adding there is also no difference between synthetic and woolen bedding.

Shin said that the beauty of her finding is that sleeping apparel is easy to modify and does not need lifestyle changes for people who struggle to fall asleep.


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