A popular website gives out some fun ideas to help you pep up your exercise schedule.

- Use accessories: Hula hooping, spinning and Pilates balls are all great ways to revitalize your workout and make it enjoyable. Also, these accessories lend themselves to different levels of difficulty. This means that as you become fitter and more used to the exercises, you can increase their difficulty with just a minor adjustment of the accessories.

- Join a dance-cardio class: This one's for people who love to dance but want the benefits of an aerobics class. This combines different high-energy forms of dancing with a high to medium impact workout. It works wonders for fat burning and helps in toning up as well.

- Try Zumba: It's a great way for toning, body sculpting and fat burning. Celebrities like Madonna and Jennifer Lopez endorse it.

- Get adventurous with pole dance classes: Pole dancing works very well on abs and stomach muscles. It provides a great workout for the overall body too. Learning different positions can be fun too.

- Do the belly dancing: This is a lot of fun and is a fantastic workout for your back, stomach and abs. The movements may not be high-impact, but the variety of movements can speed up the process of toning. The breathing required to work with the exercises will leave you feeling calm and relaxed.


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