London: Many working mothers in Britain send off their children to school despite sickness because they are unable to take time off looking after them, a study has found. In a study, the researchers found four out of ten employed mums have sent their child to school when he or she wasn't feeling well because they felt unable to take the day off.

A staggering 80 percent of mothers participating in the study said people don't understand how hard it is to juggle things when a child falls ill.

And 23 percent of mums said they would rather send their sick child to school and receive a phone call to collect them than automatically take the day off.

The study also found around one in six mothers have been made to feel 'guilty' by their boss after taking time off to look after a poorly child.

The report also revealed 27 percent of the working mums polled said they were worried of losing their job if they took too much time off for child care.

One in five mums said they felt guilty handing over work to colleagues whenever their child falls ill during a shift. One of ten of the 2,000 working mums polled said they had received a written warning.

The statistics emerged following a study carried out by supplement brand Haliborange.