New Delhi: Rain playing havoc with your morning walk or workout? Worry not. Shift all the action indoor and keep your weight in check.

The monsoons bring great relief and joy to many. But for those who love their morning walks, it turns out to be a great disappointment. Add to that, the gloomy weather that makes everyone too lazy to head to the gym.  Even if watching your weight is not a priority, if you suffer from conditions like diabetes, an hour of exercise will do great things to your body. So, what should you do to keep a check on your health and weight this season?

For the best solution, move your workout to your home. It’s a good idea to walk at home, on the treadmill or the building terrace. Some seize the opportunity to run or jog when it stops raining for a while.

But Dr Amit Girey from Nerul’s Om Physiotherapy Clinic advises against it, “The ground is always slippery and dangerous during this season. Skip the jog or run.” Most experts will tell you to exercise at home if you’re not the kind to hit the gym. “A few simple floor exercises should do the trick,” adds Dr Girey.

Nowadays, people opt for mechanical walkers. Dr Girey warns against it “Patients ask me if the mechanical walker could substitute their morning walks. My answer to them is always, a big no! These walkers only move your body and don’t burn calories.” Physiologist, Dr Daksha Shah, suggests a better solution, “The best way to keep healthy if you can’t leave home is Yoga.”

Some think working out at home is boring. So, you could try playing music or doing aerobics to kill the monotony.

If you walk or go to the gym at a particular time, stick to that schedule for your workout at home. This will help maintain your schedule till you can go out again. Although, Dr Girey says, “The timing is not important. Exercise whenever you get time but make sure you do so regularly if you want to keep fit.”

Keeping the advice of our experts in mind, here are a few creative workout tips that are guaranteed to keep you healthy:

Ditch the elevator. Switch to stairs

It’s the easiest, most tried and tested method. You don’t even have to set out time in the day to do it. Just make sure you use the stairs while leaving/getting home, going to office, etc.

Dance like there’s no tomorrow

Every expert in town will tell you that dance is an excellent cardio workout. Switch on some music for your daily exercise and practice your Sheila/Munni moves in the process.

Walk like you’re haunting your house

If your loyalty is still with walking, then just walk at home! If it gets a little boring, pretend your walking in the White House or Buckingham palace. Fair warning: Do not close your eyes during your pretend walk; it may lead to minor accidents.

Spot Jog

Now if you live in a tiny apartment where you’re more likely to bump into something after the first two steps, fear not! There is a solution to everything. Try jogging on the spot. Jogging is more effective than walking and can sure give you a sweat.

Hop, skip, jump!

To vary your home workout a bit, try skipping. Watch the video of Yves Larock’s song Rise up, for unique skipping tricks. It’s sure to get you excited about skipping.

Go Shilpa Shetty or Baba Ramdev way

What every your choice, Yoga is proven to keep you fit and healthy. Anyway, outdoor activity is so difficult during the monsoon. So why not pick up a healthy indoor habit. And if you’re not looking out for a lifestyle choice, try the simple asanas like Surya Namaskar, Konasana and Tadasana.

5,6,7,8, aerobics to lose your weight

If you’re the kind that likes to jump and move a lot, try aerobics. Aerobics isn’t as popular in India as much as in Western countries but it sure is fun! It should be easy to find instructional DVDs in stores. But in case you don’t find one just search ‘aerobics lessons’ on Youtube and you’ll find more than what you need.

Warm up exercises

You could also try the basic warm-up regime: Sit-ups, waist bends, knee bends, calf exercises, crunches, squats, etc. Easy and effective you can awaken almost every muscle in your body with the right kind of warm-up.

(Courtesy: City Plus)