Unhealthy snacks reign supreme in the office, with the top three items being cookies, chocolate and crisps.
Meanwhile, healthy choices, such as fresh fruit, low fat yoghurt and crackers lag behind. The findings also reveal that one-third of space at our desks is filled with snacks.

However, for nearly one in 10 people admit to snacking in secret whilst at work, in places such as behind their computer screens and even the toilets.

"These findings outline how quick we are to blame our work and our colleagues for our diet failures. I often hear employees saying it's difficult to eat healthily whilst they are working, but it doesn't have to be tricky," Fiona Hunter, nutritionist and food writer, said.

"I would recommend planning healthy, protein-rich snacks, to keep your energy levels up and temptation at bay. By seeing snacking as a positive element to your working day, it will help you to make structured, informed choices, keeping you and your diet in line," added Hunter.


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