New Delhi: Wanted to be called as a hero and serve the mankind! Those eager to serve the mankind can opt for blood donation and derive the satisfaction and happiness of saving a life.

Things to remember for blood donation

1.    Have a healthy balanced meal atleast 3 hours before blood donation (no fatty food)
2.    Consuming alcohol or smoking two days before blood donation must be avoided
3.    Do not consume any medicine like thyroid medication, aspirin etc 24 hours before donating blood.
4.    A person between 18-60 years of age are eligible for blood donation
5.    Have enough rest and sleep before blood donation.
6.    A person must have a normal blood pressure and fulfils the basic health requirements
7.    A donar must weigh 45-50 kilograms at the time of donating blood
8.    Drink lots of fluids on the day of blood donation
9.    Soon after blood donation, eat some refreshment
10.    A healthy human being can again donate blood after three months of first donation.


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