On this World Cancer day, we won't guide you about the medication as the doctors can do that better, but we surely have some suggestions to help you fight them in a better way.

Keep the spirit high
No matter what be the situation, optimism will always lead a way out of it. Do not dampen your spirit, as a healthy mind leads to a healthy body.

Stay Cheerful
Like they say laughter is the best medicine, smile as much as possible. Being happy is the best antidote and your laughter may scare the disease away.

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Meditation is one the best technique to calm your mind and spirit. Sit, meditate and breathe out all the tensions. Positivity will thence come all your way.

Fraternise more
Do not stay aloof. Socialise and fraternise more. The more engaged you are, the less thoughts you would be burdened with.

Educate others
Knowing what pain you are going through, spread the awareness about the disease as much as possible. Your little efforts might help others from falling a victim to it.

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