A former world lightweight kickboxing champion Ali Jacko who is based in UK, will fly down to meet the actor on his birthday and surprise him with his music video. Ali has recorded and is set to release his first single Give My Love A Brand New Name. Kickboxing champion is anxious about Salman's response to his single. A source says, "Ali met the actor years ago and they've been friends for ages. He wants Salman's blessings for the video he has just uploaded on Youtube."

Ali reveals that Salman has been one of his biggest supporters right from his initial days as a kickboxer. Salman had even flown to the UK to see him win his title. Ali adds, "Salman is one of the most amazing people I have ever known. Our friendship is beyond these professional endeavours. So, yes I hope that he would support me for my talent."

He adds, "I am sure all my B-town friends will be surprised to see or rather, hear me sing. I am eager to see how they react to my song. I have never planned to be a singer. Forget a karaoke, I have never ever sung even in the bathroom."

Courtesy: mid day

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