The reports of Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change's (2007) and The National Academy of Sciences predictions (2009) said  global sea level will increase by 16 inches to 56 inches by 2100.

Countries like Kiribati and Fiji are prone to danger. Kiribati has started planning to relocate its 102,697 citizen. Kiribati is located at between Hawaii and Australia. Most of its populations have already started shifting.

Seychelles consists of 115 islands in the Western Indian Ocean with populations of 87,122.

The Maldives comprises over 1,100 islands to the west of India. It is the world's lowest-lying nation. The islands are only 1.3 meters above sea level.

Palau consists of  more than 258 islands, about 500 miles southeast of the Philippines. Its population is 20,000.

Torres Strait Islands

The Torres Strait islands are situated between Australia and New Guinea. It consists of 274 islands with a population over 8,000.

According to UN, this island has approximately 100 residents. It is located in the South Pacific.

Solomon Islands
The Solomon islands are located in East of Papua New Guinea and have a population of 584,578. It consists of the 992 islands


Micronesia consists of 607 mountainous islands. It is located in Philippines and has a population of 102,624.

Carteret Islands
The Carteret islands are located in the south-west Pacific Ocean. Its population is 2,500 people.

Tuvalu consists of nine islands. It has a population of 11,636.

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