Hating your body can be destructive- Start respecting your body as negative thoughts lead your body structure on wrong path. You should always skimp on calories along with workout  to loose weight to keep your body fit and fine.

Appreciate your accomplishments- While working out, you should remain happy which will ultimately help you achieving your accomplishments and goals. Always having a urge of doing more and more for losing weight will make you sick at times. You should celebrate every goal which you achieved.

Enjoy your workouts – If you are not enjoying your workout sessions and always feeling uneasy about your body then you will always end up in having stress and tension. Enjoying your workouts will do wonders for your body.

Notice the limit of your body – Don't push your body for extra workouts and long sessions. Always do what makes you comfortable and be happy for what you are.

Enjoy your life more-  If you are not in a perfect shape don't feel miserable about it. Sometimes in a run of losing weight you set aesthetic goals and unrealistic desires which makes you very dull and negative from inside. Enjoy each and every moment of your life celebrating your body from inside and outside because you have all the freedom to just live your life and enjoy it.

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