Apart from dizziness and gastritis, she experienced rashes on her skin, constipation, and vomiting. Doctors say gluten intolerance is a condition that causes reaction in an individual after consumption of gluten - a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and other cereals. Symptoms vary widely and include gastro-intestinal problems."Intolerance to gluten is not a minor problem as people consider it to be.

If a child is intolerant to gluten then parents should not give items that contain the protein; otherwise the child may suffer from weight loss, dwarfism, obesity, rashes and intestinal problems. If not checked, it may lead to cancer and neurological disorders," said Nishant Wadhwa, senior consultant and pediatric gastro-enterologist at the Delhi-based Sir Ganga Ram Hospital,.Wadhwa said that gluten intolerance was initially considered a disease of the West but has become "very common" among Indian children too.  

They said that in Inakshi's case, her parents kept delaying a visit to a doctor and tried to cure her with self-medication, treating her problem as a mild case of body allergy. However, her problems kept aggravating with the years. A year ago, she started losing weight and was suffering from intestinal ulcers, fatigue, joint pain and digestive problems. With her health problems mounting, Inakshi died at a hospital here last month.According to the World Health Organisation, food allergy, which includes gluten intolerance, kills an estimated 2.2 million people globally.WHO has kept this year's theme of World Health Day (April 7) as food safety.

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