New Delhi: In a shocking reality, national capital is reeling under the threat of Hepatitis disease. Due to contaminated drinking water in Delhi, majority of Delhiites suffer from Type-A and E of the disease.

Though the vaccination of the disease has been made mandatory in Delhi, but it is beyond reach in other states. Doctors categorically said it could not be ruled out that scores of people are suffering from Type-A and E of Hepatitis and polluted water is solely responsible for it.

On the eve of World Hepatitis Day, doctors from AIIMS also dwelt on the cause of Heptatitis and its treatment. As per Dr S K Acharya, HOD of Gastroenterology of AIIMS, micro virus causes Hepatitis and the symptoms of the diseases are diagnosed in early stage. When the virus spreads and takes enormous form, the nails and eyes of patients appear to be yellow in colour.

In 1956, around 20, 000 people were infected with Hepatitis viruses due to polluted water in Najafgarh area. This danger still persists in the areas.

Don’t take it lightly

According to Dr Vivek Kumar, Max Hospital, this year lots of people are said to have been infected with Heptitis Type-A and E. However, the patient gets cured within a week, but if it continues for a longer period, it can convert into brain Hepatitis which can fatal.

Hepatitis Type- E in pregnant women can prove to be dangerous. India is largely infected with Type A and E Hepatitis. If it continues for six months, it is known as chronic Hepatitis, which takes place due to Type B and C.

Every year, around 10 lakh people die due to Hepatitis Type B and C. According to Dr Sanjay Sachdeva, GB Pant Hospital, Type-A happens mostly in children below five years and Type E is commonly found in senior citizens.


For treating Type-A, Havrix-A vaccine is available and Enrerix-B is available for Type-B. However, no vaccination for Type C has been developed so far and research is on for developing vaccination for Type-E which is expected to come out soon.