Mumbai: Venky's Mumbai Fighters are flying to Azerbaijan next week for their second leg World Series Boxing clash with formidable Baku Fires, with confidence high after a stunning 3-2 victory in the first leg of their quarterfinals on Friday.

In a 'David versus Goliath' battle, the Fighters - who finished only fourth in their group in the league stage - upstaged the other group winners by coming back from a 1-2 deficit at the Inorbit Mall arena in suburban Malad.

"What we did on Friday night was tremendous. But we still have the second leg to play in Azerbaijan. And Baku will not take this defeat lying down," cautioned Mumbai Fighters' Technical Director of Pro Boxing, Joe Clough, ahead of the return clash of March 10.

Before the start of the match, Baku Fires had won 40 out of the 50 bouts, they had not lost any of the 10 league matches.

On the other hand, Mumbai Fighters had 24 wins and 26 losses to their credit, losing six of their 10 matches, before entering the quarterfinal stage.

Sergii Melnyk, who made his debut for the Indian team in the light heavyweight category, could not have asked for a better start to his stint and said the key was not to let the opponents' reputation play in one's head.

"I was focused on the opponent and not the team he played for," explained Melnyk, talking about his win over Vatan Huseynnli of Baku Fires.

Heavyweight Uaine Fa Junior, who managed to keep his slate clean, expressed surprise over his opponent Haji Murtuzaliyev's `dirty tactics'.

"The match was fine till the third round. But I have never fought an opponent who played so rough. I managed to win but only after overcoming some dirty ploys," Fa said of his bout, which once again proved to be a clincher for the Fighters.

Team Principal and owner Udit Sheth showered praise on the team's efforts. "The boys showed poise, character, power and killing instinct... but the job is half done," Sheth said.

"These (Baku Fires) guys were undefeated until now, and playing in Baku with a hostile crowd against us will need a strong show of concentration and aggression. I am sure they are up to the task, excited; and we are all taking it one bout at a time."

To add more drama at this stage, there is a provision of a tie-breaker bout if Fighters and Baku both win five bouts each from the total 10. In that event, a sudden-death bout will come into play. Such a fixture will be in the light heavyweight category, that too in Baku.