Asked whether their triumph in the 2012 final will have an effect on Thursday's semi-final against Sri Lanka, Sammy said in his inimitable deep baritone, "For us it's another game of cricket. Cricket is not about what happens before the game. It's about what happens on a cricket field on that present day," Sammy said.
"We defeated them (Sri Lanka) in the World Cup (2012 final) and in the practice game here but they have played some good cricket and we have a lot of respect for them. But at the same time we know what we have to do to win."
His sense of humour is as mindblowing as his batting. A journalist reminded him that he had lost his ODI captaincy after winning the 2012 World T20 and the skipper laughed and said, "Probably then if we win this tournament, I won't be Test captain." He brought the house down with his witty reply.
"For me, it has never been about whether I am captain or not. I just enjoy playing for West Indies. Not many people get to wake up in the morning and get to do something they love. I know I have a lot of friends who wake up on a Monday morning not wanting to go to work. For me, it's about enjoying what I do and whether I'm captain or not, it's about giving the best for the team," he said.
He has gained experience over the years and is happy that things are finally looking up for him.
"I'm definitely getting more experience over the years that I have played. It's about doing what is necessary. So far I have really worked hard and the last four years at the helm haven't been a bed of roses,” he said.
"But I just keep on enjoying what I do for West Indies and it's good to see the performances coming consistently and enjoying those phases that we get. It has always been about West Indies. It has never been about Darren," he said.


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