"We have introduced movie service. It is for free. Worldfloat movie feature is currently the largest free movie service in the world for both English and Hindi languages," Worldfloat founder Pushkar Mahatta said.

He said over 25,000 movies - 18,000 English and 7,000 Hindi - are available on Worldfloat.com for free online viewing. It covers all genres like comedy, horror, drama, action, romance, family and classic.

Worldfloat is India's homegrown social networking site with user base of over 40 million. Apart from the social networking and free movie services, the site also provides search engine and news services.

Mahatta said Worldfloat would soon introduce thousands of free movies from other foreign languages like French and Italian, and major Indian regional languages like Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Punjabi and Bengali.

"We are providing old as well as new movies. The range is huge. It covers almost every English and Hindi movie. You can find old movies of 1890 as well as the latest released in 2013," he said.

"We will keep adding new movies on a monthly basis and keep updating the database," he added. Movies can be watched on tablets like ipad, laptops and normal televisions connected with the internet. "You can watch the movies even without logging in on the social networking feature of the site. Just go to the site and press on the movie tab on the top bar of the website," he said.

Mahatta said the new feature will help in broadening user base and make current users spend longer time on the site. He said that the new service has put Worldfloat in a unique position in the social networking arena.

"Among the social networking sites, this is a unique feature. Even the world's largest social networking site Facebook does not have the free movie feature," he said.

Mahatta pointed out even the world's largest core movie service site Netflix lacks the free movie service of Worldfloat. US-based Netflix provides paid movie services, mostly in the US and other western countries. It is not available in India.