A resident of Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh, Noorjahan came to AIIMS with a very large lump in the neck region in May.

The doctors carried out a series of tests including X-ray, CT scan, thyroid functioning tests after which they decided on a surgery which took place on June 8 -- but with a different technique.

"Noorjahan was suffering from the problem for the past 20 years. She did not have any major problem in eating, breathing and was without any pain but it was putting pressure on nearby organs, causing heaviness and breathing problems," said Pratyusha Priyadarshini, senior resident doctor at the AIIMS' Surgery Department.

Calling the surgery a challenging one, S Chumber, Professor, Department of Surgery, said, "The major problem was the size of goiter. It was very large that compelled us to modify the surgical techniques."

To avoid any damage to the trachea, a temporary tracheotomy was done, in which a tube was inserted in the windpipe to assist her in breathing.

Finally, the six-hour surgery was successful and doctors removed the goiter. She remained in observation until she recovered completely.

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