Tokyo: Supercars ranging from Ferrari to Lamborghini ended up in a crumbled heap, in Japan's worst-ever traffic pile up in which SUVs worth up to USD 4 million turned to trash.

Involved in the crash over 400 metres east-bound side of the Chucks Expressway were eight Ferraris, a Lamborghini, two Mercedes and host of Toyota Prius, the world's most fuel efficient car, Japan's NTV reported.

A pack of about 20 supercars were zooming on the wet highway, when a leading Ferrari slipped into a highway-rail and TV reports said in matter of minutes, 14 other SUVs piled up in what was described as the world's costliest crash.

The cars were headed to Hiroshima some 130 kms away to the east to a gathering of supercars there.

Though the crash cost millions, no human life was lost, with police reporting that only five people were injured.