Rishikesh: In a major advancement, hydro-electric engineers have scripted history by creating world’s first floating power station at the Shakti Canal of the Chilla Power House in Rishikesh.

The experiment to create electricity through new technology on the Chilla Shakti canal was successful. The engineers generated electricity by placing two turbines in the canal.

The floating power station can generate 30 kw electricity in just 15 minutes and the engineers have decided to carry on the tests for next six months.

The experiment was carried out at the Shakti Canal, which starts from Rishikesh to Chilla Power House, by a private company DLZ which was looking for generating electricity through a new method.

Visualising the concept of converting kinetic energy to rotate the turbine, the engineers placed the turbine in the canal rather than making water fall on the turbine from a height.

The engineers surveyed the canal and marked points in the canal where the kinetic energy of the water was higher than other areas.

The work to place the turbine began in January which got completed last week only.

The fitting of turbine into the canal was done under the supervision of engineers from America and Canada. Project engineer Nitin Mittal said that two turbines of 25 kw each were placed and the target was to generate 50 kw electricity.

When the turbine was switched on for 15 minutes, it generated 30 KW power.

“This is an historic achievement. Presently, the water level is half-metre below the original level. The results are quite encouraging, but we will continue to experiment and make changes in next six months,” said Mittal.

He added that new variety of turbines will be used to see which one will generate power more easily.