The Sand Hotel has two 'buildings' made of thin walls. The walls of are covered with reinforced sand to protect them from the rain or wind.

The rooms are eight-meter-high and features multiple sand sculptures, they have been decorated in Terracotta Warriors theme, one of China’s top tourist attractions. The theme of second building is modelled on the Flintstones’ cartoon home town of Bedrock.

Sandcastle hotel takes visitor into their childhood fairy tale. The suites of hotel  are adorned with a king size bed, carpet, a bathroom with running water, electricity, Wi-Fi, windows and almost all luxurious facilities.

While rooms are only Rs 11066 (USD 170) a night and include a bottle of prosecco, European breakfast and a guided tour around the festival, both sand hotels booked up in days, causing the organizers to consider opening properties in other parts of the world.


The concept of sandcastle hotels were inspired by ice hotels in Sweden and Finland. Like the ice hotels, the sand hotels are also temporary. It will  closed with sculpture festivals. Now, sandcastle lovers have to wait till next year as it will build again in October in Sculpture festival.

Source: Global PowWow

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