The journey would have been more exciting and special had our junctions were  clean and hygienic. There are many stations in the world from where we can draw ideas and implement them in the country.

Here, we enlist the most cleanest and beautiful stations in the world:


1. Grand Central Terminal: Known amongst the most cleanest and beautiful railway stations, the Grand Central Terminal is an elegant, elaborately decorated monument to railway history. The station was built way back in the year 1913. It has more platforms (44) than that of other station in the world. The station has the Campbell Apartment cocktail bar, the Whispering Gallery (in front of the Oyster Bar restaurant) and the food market.

2. St Pancras International: London's beautiful and historic St Pancras Station was built in 1868. The station recently underwent renovations, making it the modern world class terminal for Eurostar and domestic train services. The station is quickly becoming a destination as it houses Europe’s longest champagne bar. It also provides excellent connections from London and the rest of Britain. The entire area around St. Pancras was the focus of a vast regeneration program. It now offers new facilities, hotels and attractions. If you visit the Eurostar between London and the continent, you will travel on only high-speed rail tracks in Britain.

3. Estacion de Madrid Atocha : Madrid's largest railway station was opened in 1851. The station has always been listed amongst the best railway stations in the world due to its infrastructure and design. Its frontage is certainly handsome but the most spectacular feature lies within: a vast plaza filled with plants, tropical flowers and even rare turtles. A sombre memorial to the 191 victims of the 2004 Madrid train bombings stands above the station.

4. Shinjuku Station:
Shinjuku Station is one of the world's busiest railway station, handling more than two million passengers every day. It is served by about a dozen railway and subway lines, including the JR Yamanote Line. Shinjuku is also one of Tokyo's major stops for long-distance highway buses and city buses.

5. Hauptbahnhof: Berlin's new Hauptbahnhof opened in 2006. It is made of colossal steel and glass structure with tracks on two levels. Around 1,800 trains stop here.