New Delhi: In order to strengthen it’s position in the world’s highest battlefield, the Indian government has constructed a new helipad at Siachen. The MI-17 Helicopters meant to provide the required assistance to Indian force deployed at Siachen will operate from the world’s highest helipad.

The construction of this helipad will also help in the commuting of soldiers during any emergency situation.

Working in extreme cold climate and chilly conditions, Engineer Task Force team of 237 Engineer Regiment of Indian Army toiled hard for months to prepare the helipad.

The new helipad constructed on a height of 16,000 feet will not only help in providing ration and other items to forces, but would also become useful during emergency situations.

Recently, after the flights were cancelled from the Thoise airport near Siachen, the Indian Army had to face several problems in the transportation of soldiers posted in the world’s most highest and difficult battlefield. The miseries were compounded by the stoppage of Thoise-Delhi Charter plane services. Therefore, the new helipad is likely to provide some respite to the Saichen soldiers.

Meanwhile, India has given thrust on the development of air stripes and Advance Landing Ground near the border areas. The large scale upgradation and modernization of Airfield and Advances Landing Ground near the borders of Pakistan and China are being carried out under the Modernisation of Airfield project.

In the ongoing month, plans are afoot to start the modernization process of eight air stripes and Advanced Landing Ground in the North-Eastern areas.

(JPN/ Bureau)