Dubai: The world's highest wind tunnel, standing 20 metres tall and five metres wide, is set to open in Dubai this summer.

InFlight Dubai's glass wind tower will beat its rivals in the United States at 15.8 metres and in Singapore at 17.2 metres. Four high-powered fans will push air into the tunnel, creating wall-to-wall airflow with enough lift to support up to about 115 kilograms of weight in flight.

Those who take flight inside the glass tower will experience the same rush of adrenalin as those who jump out of a plane at 3,650m, Matthew Adam Gagne, an instructor said. "You don't get the view but it's definitely very much like free-falling in the sky. All the mechanics of movement, flying your body and the feeling is the same. The difference is there is no plane or view, but also no risk of hitting the ground," Gagne said.

Since there is no parachute involved, the tunnel will provide a perfect way for beginners to experience the sensation of floating. Apart from securing the record for highest vertical wind tunnel, the team at InFlight Dubai will also organize a record attempt for the most jumpers in a vertical wind tunnel at one time.


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