Patna: The world's largest Hindu temple project in Bihar's East Champaran district was not an exact replica of the world-famous Angkor Wat temple located in Combodia, according to the Mahavir Mandir Trust (MMT) Secretary Acharya Kishore Kunal said.
"It is not going to be exact replica of the Angkor Wat temple.... the temple is going to be even larger than the Angkor Wat Temple, so it can’t be exact replica of the Angkor Wat temple which has got only 9 shikhars (spires) against 13 in our main temple and 18 in all," he said in a release.
According to the traditional Hindu architectural plan, the proposed temple will be ‘Go-mukh’ in shape which too is not the characteristic of Angkor Wat temple, Kunal said.
He, however conceded that the shikhar (spires) of the proposed temple has indeed been taken from the Angkor Wat temple, but its ‘Go-puram’ (gate arch) and other features are taken from some south Indian temples.
The Secretary of MMT, involved in the project, said that the temple trust has acquired 160 acres land for the temple project that will be spread over 90 acres of land. Its length will be 2800 ft and width 1400 ft. The main temple itself will be 1250 ft long and 1150 ft wide. Its shikhar (spires) will be 270 ft tall.
The proposed temple will be completed over the next seven to eight years, he said.
The MMS Secretary described as misleading the Union Culture Minister Kumari Shailja's reply in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday that India has assured Combodia that no replica of the Angkor Wat temple will be constructed in Bihar.
It has already been clarified by the trust that the said temple project was not a replica of the temple in Combodia, he maintained.


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