The smaller prototype of the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4, designed by German engineer Robert Gulpen, is on display in Dubai and costs 200,000 pounds.
However, a fully-working version of the car will go under the hammer in 2014 with an estimated price of a whopping 4.6 million pounds.
The prototype car is made of carbon fibre and covered in a thin layer of pure gold. The rest of the bodywork contains 25 kilograms of precious metal and is carved out of a 500-kilogramme block of 22-carat gold. The full-sized car will have a V12 engine producing 700 bhp, the report said.
The car will enter the Guinness Book of World Records under three categories, including the most expensive model car, the most secure showcase that features bulletproof windows and the most luxurious logo.