Key highlights

1. Aruna was in coma for almost 42 years, KEM Hospital Dean Avinash Supe said.

2. Police permissions and other formalities are being completed before finalizing Shanbaug's last rites later on Monday.

3. A public appeal has been made by Dean supe to help trace any relatives or people close to Shanbaug who can get in touch with the hospital immediately.

4. A junior nurse, Shanbaug was brutally raped by contract sweeper boy Sohanlal B. Walmiki in the same hospital on the night of November 27, 1973 when she was changing.

5. While indulging in the act, the guilty  had choked Shanbaug with a chain which cut off oxygen supply to her brain, resulting in injuries to the brain stem and cervical chord injury that left her in a vegetative state since then.

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