Dhanbad: The poor condition of the most active Grand Chord section of the Dhanbad Division of East Central Railway is proving to be a deadly nightmare. The track passing through Gomo station is in such a mess that even the high speed Rajdhani is compelled to move at a snail’s pace of 20 kilometres per hour.

Moreover, outdated wooden sleepers have been in place at Gomo junction in Dhanbad district.

Though the railways had planned a project to replace the wooden sleepers with concrete ones but lack of funds shelved the plan. As a result, even the non-stop express trains passing through the section are forced to slow down on the significant rail route.

While few days earlier, Rajdhani Express was allowed to pass at a speed of 30 kilometres from here but due to fears of a mishap; Duronto, Yuva, Poorva, Jodhpur, Sampark Kranti, Chambal, Shipra and all other trains of Howrah-New Delhi route were made to pass at a speed of 20 kilometres per hour.

According to official sources, senior officials have been reported many a times about the track’s poor condition but lack of funds is proving a major hurdle. The absence of funds from the Centre has made the maintenance of the tracks difficult.

Officials of the Railway department said, they have asked the government for a budget for the purpose and work will begin as soon as the funds are received.