In order to kill the demons Shumbha and Nishumbha, Goddess Parvati removed her outer skin. Then she fetched herself the name of Devi Kalaratri.

Unlike her ferocious look, Maa Kalaratri is generous towards all her devotees. Worshipping her on the seventh day invites abundant fruitful results and removes any kind of fear in life.

Embodiment of Devi Kalaratri:
Having a black complexion, this form of Devi is the scaries of all. She is represented as riding a donkey. The four-handed devi carries sword and an iron hook in her left hands. Her right hands are in AbhayaMudra and VaradaMudra.

Other Names:
Devi Shubhankari, Kali Maa

Governing Planet:
Planet Shani is known to be governed by Goddess Kalaratri.

Mantra to worship Maa Kalaratri:
एकवेणी जपाकर्णपूरा नग्ना खरास्थिता, लम्बोष्टी कर्णिकाकर्णी तैलाभ्यक्तशरीरिणी।
वामपादोल्लसल्लोहलताकण्टकभूषणा, वर्धनमूर्धध्वजा कृष्णा कालरात्रिर्भयङ्करी॥