Chandrapur: Anna Hazare has expressed that he would welcome like-minded people like General VK Singh after his retirement as army chief to be a part of his team to fight corruption. Hazare said he would be happy to have General Singh as a part of this team, if the Army Chief was interested in joining it.

"I am personally not inclined to ask or request anyone to join our agitation against corruption but we have fought two wars - one against Pakistan and the other against Bangladesh during my service in the Army, now we have to fight the enemy within us", he said.

"And we need like minded people in our team and if interested, General VK Singh is welcome to join us after his retirement. It would be his choice", Anna told reporters on Saturday evening when they asked him whether he would like to invite General Singh to join his team.

"Anna's invite to General V K is most appropriate. Imagine if ex-servicemen join Anna they can become a formidable voice against corruption", Team Anna member Kiran Bedi tweeted on Sunday.

Last month, Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal while extending support to Gen Singh had said that they were sure that the Army Chief will take a decision on what he will do after retirement on May 31.

The anti-corruption crusader is currently touring Maharashtra to campaign for a strong Lokayukta Act in the state.

He also said that the government was unwilling to bring the Right to Information (RTI) Act into force, but had budged after several years of agitation and implemented it in Maharashtra in 2002, and it was later brought into force throughout the country.


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