“If I get an opportunity to spy in real, first on my list would be Mr. Amitabh Bachchan because I think as an audience we all know his mannerism and yet there’s so much we don’t know about him. Secondly, I would like to do jasoosi on Narendra Modi to know what are his plans for the country. I want to know before everyone does so that I can tell everyone first,” said Vidya.

Vidya, who is known for opting versatile roles, says playing a spy was most exciting experience for her as an actor.

“This has been one of the most exciting experiences for me as an actor. Firstly, I have not played a character like this but the fact that she’s childlike appealed to me. The enthusiasm in her is of a different level. She’s not someone who likes to cry. She’s a happy person and she loves to smile. She’s very spunky, a livewire. She is a girl from Hyderabad,” Vidya added.

Unfazed by all kinds of rumours in the recent past, upbeat Vidya says she knows that an actor is a public figure and speculations are common.

“I am a public figure and people are interested in me. People tend to speculate and sometimes it goes overboard and I do feel bad about it. There are days when I get upset about this but those days are very few. Most of the time, I just laugh it out. I am used to it now,” said the actress.

(JPN/ Mid-day)

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