He has enrolled for a Master of Arts in Economics from the Nalanda Open University (NOU) here. "I am nearer to fulfilling my long cherished dream of a postgraduate degree in economics. My aim is not to get a degree; the thrust is to study and gain knowledge of Economics so as to understand the problems faced by the people and the country and to contribute something, if possible," says Vaishya, who retired in 1980 as a general manager in a private firm in Koderma (now in Jharkhand).

Vaishya says he wished to study Economics also to understand why the country had failed to solve problems like poverty, illiteracy and joblessness. Living with his second son and daughter-in-law in the posh Rajendra Nagar colony here for the last 10 years after his wife's death, Vaishya said the academic atmosphere in the house helped him make up his mind to study further.

"Initially, they told me studying is not an easy task at this age, but later agreed to support me in view of my commitment. My son will teach me mathematics and statistics and the daughter-in-law will pitch in with other help," Vaishya said.

"I have decided to devote two hours daily in the morning and night hours to studies. After post-graduation, I will not pursue a Ph.D," Vaishya told reporters.  NOU Registrar SP Sinha said it was a pleasant experience for university officials when told about Vaishya's keenness to join the postgraduate course.

"When we came to know that he can read and write fluently as well, it was decided to send a team of NOU officials to his apartment to enroll him in view of his old age. We enrolled him on September 8 for the 2015-16 session and provided the study material in Hindi. However, he demanded the study material and books in English; we will provide these to him soon," he told reporters.

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