Lucknow: Owing to the ego tussle of the two heavy weights within the party, the Samajwadi Party in Western UP is facing a good amount of trouble in distribution of ticket.

The return of Mohammad Azam Khan in SP triggered off his battle for supremacy in western UP with former Union Minister Rashid Masood.

By blowing the bugle for a do or die campaign, Masood has compounded to the miseries of SP leadership. Now, all eyes are set on the proposed Panchayat scheduled for September 26 in Saharanpur which would unfold the decisions of the party.

Significantly, the sailing for the SP in the RLD dominated western Uttar Pradesh has not been a smooth one. In the lack of base vote bank of SP, the Muslim voters are in a state of uncertainty.

While, at times the Jat-Muslim equation has backed RLD, the last Assembly elections saw fruitful results for the BSP largely due to the support of Dalit-Muslim alliance. 

SP which had registered a thumping victory in 35 Assembly seats in West UP in 2002, was restricted to only 14 seats in 2007 elections. Muzaffarnagar, Baghpat, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Bijnor, Mathura and Bulandshahr were among the districts where the SP could not win a single seat.

The picture of the last Lok Sabha elections was more or less the same. However, Kalyan Singh factor was held accounted for the party’s poor performance.

With the 2012 Assembly elections closely knocking on the doors, internal factional dispute over tickets within the party is clearly evident. The return of Azam Khan has raised the voices of the rebels who are not too pleased.

The situation worsened when Imam Bukhari’s relative Umar Khan was declared as the candidate for Behat region, by ignoring Saharanpur MP Qazi Rashid Masood. Following which MLA Imran took the command for the protest in his hand and Masood’s supporters came out in open. The decision to field Sarfharaj for Saharanpur Dehat seat further angered Masood’s supporters.

MLA Imraan holds Azam Khan responsible for the wrong things happening within the party. He alleged that the unwarranted decisions have been made to humiliate Muslim leaders in the party.

Amidst the ongoing dispute within the party, a panchayat has been organized on September 26 in Saharanpur which would see the participation of SP bigwigs. If nothing concrete comes out in the Panchayat, the SP may face a tough time in the region.