Let's have a look at key highlights of the event:

Apple Maps

Apple Maps will get public-transit information as part of an update to the iOS 9 mobile operating system due in September. The update will also bring better battery life and improved security. Apple is adding “multi-tasking” capability for iPads, allowing users to split the screen between two different apps and use both at the same time.

News App

The app will feature a personalised feed based on a user’s interests and choices. It pulls text, photos and video from a variety of sources.

Apple Music

The service represents a chance for Apple to come from behind in a digital music field that it once led. With a lengthy three-month free trial, a USD15-a-month plan for up to six family members, and the ability to push the app to 100s of millions of iPhone and iPad users, the launch could mark a major milestone in digital music.


Apple’s voice-activated digital assistant will be integrated into the new music service, so subscribers can ask it to play songs from movie soundtracks, find hit songs from a certain year, or create playlists from top songs in different genres.

Apple Pay

Along with making payments tied to a credit or debit card, Apple Pay will soon incorporate store-issued payment cards and rewards from loyalty programs offered by merchants like Walgreens and Dunkin Donuts. That could be a key to making the service more useful for shoppers, according to analysts at Forrester Research.

Apple Watch

Apple announced an update to the watch operating system and said it will release the programming tools that independent developers need to build apps that can interact directly with the watch’s hardware and sensors.